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The Industry Executives Forum (The-Meet.com) is excited and passionate about helping people and all levels of an organization be aware of and attain the most value from their time, resources and fiscal investments. Our plan is simple, straightforward and much needed in our ever changing world where technology, innovation and basic behavioral market shifts have impacted just about every facet of every business and work environment, globally. The Industry Executives Forum is the catalyst and advocate that unites the relevant, current and optimal industry-centric intelligence from market research, networking, industry practices, education/training and knowledge sharing into specific networking forums. We coordinate and facilitate bridging together industry-centric managers and executives to meet and discuss current, relevant topics.

Why The-Meet.com?

Our members understand and embrace the notion that all companies must understand technology, innovation, market trends and market risks to remain and/or transform successfully. The Industry Executives Forum (The-Meet.com) members come from a wide range of industries, locations, organizational roles, general and industry-centric consulting and IT expertise that can empower and guide you to attain the knowledge and insights you need to sustain, scale and grow in your industry.


To help industry professionals and organizations get the most value from their time-investment from industry connects and networking in the most accessible, easy & collaborative manner.


Provide an open platform that allows for the free and abundant flow of information and opportunities to network, learn, share and empower professionally in a harmonized and collaborative group environment.


Membership to Meet.com is offered individually or organizationally. Our organization membership allows you to empower your teams to continue learning, growing, and succeeding by giving them the access to our educational, market research and networking opportunities.

As a member of The-Meet.com you’re part of a powerful network that includes thousands of professionals across thousands of member organizations. Our membership roster includes C-suite executives such as CIOs, CFOs, CEOs, Other C-Suites, solution architects, and day-to-day end users from every industry. Our memberships are also open to all companies and partners, so they can help industry IT implementations and functional topics of interest to combat and resolve the latest challenges organizations face.

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Membership Benefits

Whether you are experiencing issues in the new post Covid-19 normal work environment, have a desire to learn current trending, successful industry-centric practices, getting your feet wet with a new implementation or release of a top ranked software, experiencing issues in your current software implementations and need advice from colleagues in your market industry, trying to encourage and/or empower your organization about a new strategy you have, or just want to simply understand how big of an ecosystem your industry may be by listening and learning to others, Meet.com is here to bridge you with others so that you network, learn get motivated and prepared to see your organization change, grow, succeed! .

The collective power of our membership means Industry Executives Forum has the ability to access and influence OEM software vendors and its partner ecosystem. This allows us to work together to shape the future and solve critical business challenges.

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What Our Members & Leaders Say

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Although the initiative is at the beginning however it was a great experience participating & networking with fellow professionals in 2019. I look forward to it again.

VP Consumer Products Company

Enjoyed listening to Mike Braine in 2019's Retail Fashion & CPG Connect and it was a thoughtful discussion. Looking forward to joining many more events like that.

Sr Director - Sports Apparels Company